RSS for Enterprise

Benefits for Enterprise

RSS feeds are fast becoming a tactic that can help provide real competitive advantage. Erssa combines utility and ease with user-initiated metrics and reporting providing users with data on demand and true end user empowerment that allows marketers to gain a real insight, informing decision making based on campaign performance. RSS is

  • 100% opt-in
  • 100% spam free
  • 100% delivery guaranteed
  • Multiple ways to receive your communications including My Yahoo, My Google, Excite Mix and more

facts Erssa provides enterprises with a powerful platform that can be used across business units to instantly deploy and manage RSS marketing campaigns.

You can leverage current expertise to develop lead generation, increase customer retention, build brand equity and maximize actions. All the while providing detailed reports and metrics to measure performance and make informed business decisions.

  • Direct Marketing
    RSS can deliver sales and lead generation with detailed metrics.
  • Brand Marketing
    RSS marketing can deliver the message clearly, which confirms credibility, connects their target prospects emotionally, motivates the buyer and builds concrete user loyalty.

Erssa allows you to integrate one of today’s fastest growing disruptive technologies into the mix.

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