RSS tips for publishers

RSS tools to make it easy

We have put together some free RSS tools to help you create a feed, create subscription chicklets, add live bookmarks to your site and find the right feed reader.

Here you will find some ressources in order to promote your RSS feeds ,enjoy….

Online Feed Maker

If you want a basic RSS feed for your site that you can manually update then give this a try - our free online RSS feed maker for sites that don’t have RSS

Chicklet Creator

If you have a feed then you need chicklets, they are little images that make it easy for your users to subscribe to your feed - try our free chicklet creator here

Live Bookmark Tutorial

Firefox and other browsers allow users to add RSS feeds as live bookmarks, when you visit a site that has live bookmarks enabled you will see the small RSS logo in the right hand side of the browser address bar - learn how to add a live bookmark to your site
Need a Feed Reader

We’ve put together a list of feed readers for Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile and Outlook, check out our - our list of feed readers

Yahoo and RSS feeds

RSS guide for Publishers form Yahoo :

mediaRSS the RSS extension from Yahoo:

Useful article

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