Interview of a startup Junky: Randy Morin ( KB cafe)

9 04 2007

Randy wrote about RSS since a while, He has participated in a bunch of internet Companies. One of them is up to sale and it’s an RSS service so i ask him to answer to some question.
Could you make a little presentation of your background.

“I’m a startup junky. I’ve participated in the creation of dozens of Internet companies and websites. Some are listed.

And your work with Kb cafe

KBCafe is my personal blogging network.

Why rss ?

RSS is the realization of the push Internet.

What are the best companies in RSS services ?

FeedBurner is the clear front runner.

Have you meet some company which really understand RSS revolution ?

The guys at FeedBurner seem to understand this best.

Why do you sell Rmail ?

No comment.

What are your favorite RSS feeds ?

I don’t really think of RSS feeds in this way. I might have a favorite blog and that blog may have an RSS feed, but I wouldn’t suggest that I like any one RSS feed over another.

Which reader do you use ?

I use



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