Joining the Lamoooche Team. The French RSS leader

17 01 2007

Like i said before, 2007 will be special , First I’m joining the Kreactive Technologies Team, then i leave Paris, snif….
julien griere


Founded in 2003, Lamooche has become the French technology and market leader in “RSS directory”., is one of the main aggregation websites dealing with French content. This platform, based on RSS technology, distributes news in real time and provides numerous services with added value for professionals, including personalized feeds, information monitoring and statistics.
Why did i choose Lamooche ? For Money of course, they offer me a lot : i couldn’t say no ! I’m kidding. I choose this company, first RSS it’s my stuff, then the project rocks.
My job ? Marketing manager, PR, and a lot of stuff.You want to know more : Click here English version will be online soon
No worries, i stay tunes and i don’t let this blog down.




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