Really Sexy Syndication

8 06 2007

Wallstrip: nice chat with dick Costello CEO and co-founder of FeedBurner

A nice and smart rss video explanation: What RSS is ? just watch and enjoy

28 04 2007

Nice video. Really clever. I read it there at Common craft. Anyway, a good help for me to explain RSS to people around me

Webmarketing show about RSS

25 04 2007

why you should incorporate them into your web browsing life. watch this video

Nice video on reading RSS feeds in second

24 04 2007

funny, i know it’s a geek stuff

Newsgator songs

23 04 2007

nice buzz, around newsgator. But who is this guy ?

Joining the Lamoooche Team. The French RSS leader

17 01 2007

Like i said before, 2007 will be special , First I’m joining the Kreactive Technologies Team, then i leave Paris, snif….
julien griere


Founded in 2003, Lamooche has become the French technology and market leader in “RSS directory”., is one of the main aggregation websites dealing with French content. This platform, based on RSS technology, distributes news in real time and provides numerous services with added value for professionals, including personalized feeds, information monitoring and statistics.
Why did i choose Lamooche ? For Money of course, they offer me a lot : i couldn’t say no ! I’m kidding. I choose this company, first RSS it’s my stuff, then the project rocks.
My job ? Marketing manager, PR, and a lot of stuff.You want to know more : Click here English version will be online soon
No worries, i stay tunes and i don’t let this blog down.


10 Invitation to try Blastfeed, a new RSS service

11 01 2007


Blastfeed proposes a service on the internet where users can filter the RSS feeds they subscribe to in order to get only the pieces of information they are interested in.

I Have ten invitation for Blastfeed so, go ahead…

RSS marketing campaign use by Nike

6 01 2007

Nike RSS Feed

We know that nike and apple have a partnership. Run with your ipod, buy your favorite athetle music charts.
rss marketing nike and ipod

But i didn’t realize that Nike already used RSS. In Europe, Nike uses rss to power up their  marketing effort.
Nike and RSS feeds For exemple in U.K, France, Portugal,  Nike  offers to download  theirs video-ads.

You can share it or blog it or suscribe by RSS

In Japan, homepage within RSS feed. you can read the news.

i know they could do better with RSS. But neither Reebok nor Asics use RSS.  With Itunes in USA and RSS in Europe nike takes a leg up.

rss in japan I really don’t know why they aren’t RSS Feed on US Website. Nike  already offers Newsletter by email  why  not by RSS.

FeedBurner interview

28 12 2006

really interesting post. 

“Never stop iterating and don’t fear failure. Choose well-understood conventions where they will do to the most good. And seek inspiration in software you already admire, be it desktop or web-based. And for the web, assume that any careless browser compatibility and web standards shortcuts you might take will cost you more to fix later than to try to get right up-front today. ” matt Shobe

How to integrate RSS to Email Strategy :

18 12 2006

it’s not new but it’s still very useful
RSS and e-mail are “the how” ·

how you get that content or information to the reader … the delivery side. RSS/e-mail and blogs/e-zines cannot be directly compared. ·

Try RSS in to your e-mail marketing strategy as a supplement to e-mail as a delivery tool.

  1. Develop synergy between RSS and email marketing
  2. Example of RSS uses( how our client could implement RSS):
  1. Time and price sensitive promotions like Travels companies. This approach works for retailers to convey changing prices and limited availability inventory. It’s most notably used by travel companies, such as Expedia, Orbitz, Lastminute and Travelocity. Alternatively, marketers such as netfix distribute most-popular- and new-release-related information via RSS.
  2. E-commerce is using RSS to announce their bestsellers and to help their users keep track of releases they are most interested in.
  3. Avoid Email saturation : Disney ABC Cable Networks Group Disney, using NewsGator software, which integrates with Microsoft Outlook e-mail clients, uses RSS to avoid the overload of “occupational spam” and to provide employees with live information with links to the original internal reports. In simpler terms, they’re using RSS to partially deliver internal information instead of using e-mail.